Beginning with the class of 2000, the Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame will receive at least three (3) and no more than five (5) new inductees.

Until the induction of the class of 2000, Hall of Fame inductees have been selected according to the policy currently in place.

The Hall of Fame will receive no more than one (1) new member from the period beginning in 1930 through 1960 – The Heritage Era. Each year the Heritage Era will advance one year. Induction for those nominated as members of the Heritage Era will be given consideration based on existing and documented accomplishments and contributions to the Ohio Athletics Department. Additionally, supporting information provided from outside sources will be welcomed and given appropriate consideration.

The Hall of Fame will receive no more than four (4) new members from the period beginning in 1961 through the present time – The Contemporary Era. Each year the Contemporary Era will advance one year. Evaluation of these nominations will be based on the existing and documented athletics and academic accomplishments while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Ohio University.

Periodically, the Ohio Athletics Department will recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement and support of the Ohio University Intercollegiate Athletics. Additionally, the recipient will be recognized for his/her accomplishments in the athletics/sports industry as well as in their personal and/or professional life. These individuals will be given the distinction of the “Glenn C. Randall Lifetime Achievement Award.” This award is named for the first recipient.

Nominations will be accepted from any member of the Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame, former or current coach or student-athlete. Ohio University alumni and/or the Ohio Athletics Department are also welcome to submit nominations for consideration. Nominations will be received by any current member of the selection committee or by the Ohio Athletics Department. Nominees will be evaluated based on the current established criteria. Individuals submitting nominations are encouraged to provide any form of supporting documentation which will be included in the evaluation criteria along with the information available from the Ohio Athletics Department. Nominations can be mailed to: Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Ohio Athletics, PO BOX 689, Athens, OH 45701.

New inductees to the Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame will be inducted during banquet ceremonies the evening prior to a designated home football game. Inductees will also be recognized during a special halftime ceremony at the football game the following day. Inductees will be honored into perpetuity as their portrait and accomplishments are displayed in the Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame currently located in the Convocation Center.

Criteria for Admission:


Current Hall of Fame Members:

1965 (8)
1966 (6)
1967 (7)
1968 (7)
1969 (7)
1970 (6)
1971 (7)
1972 (8)
1973 (7)
1974 (6)
1975 (6)
1976 (5)
1977 (7)
1978 (6)
1979 (6)
1980 (4)
1981 (5)
1982 (7)
1983 (5)
1984 (5)
1985 (8)
1986 (5)
1987 (6)
1988 (6)
1989 (5)
1990 (6)
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1992 (8)
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1994 (5)
1995 (7)
1996 (5)
1997 (3)
1999 (6)
2000 (5)
2001 (3)
2002 (4)
2003 (5)
2004 (4)
2005 (2)
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2007 (3)
2008 (3)
2009 (4)
2010 (4)
2011 (3)