In a new initiative, the Ohio Bobcat Club will be recognizing our members throughout the year as a part of the Ohio Bobcat Club Donor Spotlight. This program will single out one Ohio Bobcat Club member to ask them questions about their relationship with Ohio University, as well as their affiliation with the Ohio Bobcat Club.

What year did you graduate from Ohio University? What is your relation to Ohio University?

I graduated from Ohio University in 1996 with a degree in Political Science and my wife graduated from Ohio University in 1995. I have always retained an interest in the happenings at Ohio University, and one of the easiest ways to stay connected is through the athletics department. I felt like it was time to support the student-athletes.

What is your favorite Ohio Athletics memory?

My most recent favorite memory of Ohio Athletics would be the awesome Sweet 16 run put on by the Men’s Basketball team last year. Thinking back, I remember an awesome game in 1995 versus Bowling Green, where in front of a near capacity Convocation Center, Gary Trent had a tremendous game and dominated BG.

You have given to the Ohio Bobcat Club in the past, what were the motivating factors behind upping your giving to the Captain Level?

I think the success of the athletic program, as a whole, was one of the motivating factors behind upping my giving. Additionally, I felt the desire to help out Ohio student-athletes in any way I could. I really just thought to myself, with the success of last year, how could anyone not want to be a part of this program?

As a Tower Club season ticket holder what would you say are the best benefits of sitting in this area?

Being a Tower Club season ticket holder is great. There are a handful of benefits that I appreciate, but I would say the ones that stick out the most are the private concession stands, the private restrooms, and finally the close proximity of parking to my seats. Those are my favorite benefits of being a Tower Club season ticket holder.

Have you been to the Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village? What are the benefits of attending the Hospitality Village?

I have been to the Ohio Bobcat Club Hospitality Village. I loved the TV setup inside the tents so that we could watch other games across the country. Additionally, I thought the food was great and well priced, I felt like it was a safe atmosphere to bring people of any age, it was a great atmosphere as well. It also gave you a special sense of belonging to a special group because of the seclusion provided by the fencing surrounding the tent.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Ohio Bobcat Club?

I would suggest they join the Ohio Bobcat Club because it gives you a nice feeling like you a part of the team. Additionally, it makes you feel good for giving something back. Finally, I would say to them, if you love Ohio like I do, supporting athletics is a great way to bring the University notoriety. A successful athletics program brings coverage to Ohio University as a whole, and it benefits Ohio University’s entire campus.