A letter from our athletic director, Jim Schaus

Schaus_Jim_12When I began my career at OHIO in 2008, I saw great potential for growth within athletics and how our constituents would be influential to this growth. Today, I continue to marvel at the progress our OHIO student-athletes are making as they strive for excellence in both the classroom and in competition. Through determination in practice and preparation, and diligence in the classroom, OHIO is positioned for success across the spectrum.

As an Ohio Bobcat Club member, you are the foundation of that success. Since its inception in 2006, our membership has been influential in supporting our mission to develop each student-athlete as a person, student and athlete. We are grateful to announce that 2017 was a year of tremendous growth for the Ohio Bobcat Club, as membership and contribution numbers were at an all-time high.

Whether you were standing prOUd at Peden Stadium or at the Convo, attending one of our Bobcat Caravans last spring, or following your Bobcats from miles away, your support was felt and I personally thank you.

As we continue to expand as a department, I am pleased to have you as an Ohio Bobcat Club Member. While your membership is vital to our growth, we must continue to move toward higher goals and achievements in order to maintain our standards of academic and athletic excellence. This year, the Ohio Bobcat Club is challenging all of its members to give 110% – a ten percent increase over your previous year’s gift – or to go “ALL-IN” – increase your giving to the next giving level – when renewing for 2018. I encourage you to accept this challenge in your support of Ohio Athletics.

Every day I am constantly reminded of the pride and connection of our alumni, fans and friends alike have with Ohio Athletics. We have come so far in promoting the reputation of Ohio Athletics and building for future achievements through the development of our student-athletes. As an Ohio Bobcat Club member, you have a direct impact on the future success of our mission and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and involvement with Ohio Athletics.

Go Bobcats!

Jim Schaus

Director of Athletics